for text/code

  • By default this site’s contents are in WTFPL
  • with exceptions where CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 is used, when explicitly specified. These exceptions typically are articles where I heavily cite or quote works from other people1. For example this one. These articles fall under Fair Use and I don’t claim any additional term over the Derivative work.

for my music

[COPYLEFT] You can freely use my work for any kind of usage as long as

  • it is NOT involved with any pro-fascism, racism, homophobe or crime-related scene.
  • you don’t charge anyone for listening, unless you make a non-trivial contribution e.g. remixing, covering, DJing.

for photos2/videos

  • All rights are reserved3.
  • Copy/Repost/Use only with attribution + permission.
  • unless I explicitly say it’s in public domain.

for anything else
contact me via email (von_blyatstein AT riseup DOT net)

  1. if you don’t like your work being quoted/cited here, please contact. ↩︎

  2. not including computer generated visuals and screenshots. ↩︎

  3. why are these media special? There can be several reasons: 1) some media are personal, I’m ok sharing them, but I don’t feel comfortable if they are grabbed by others. 2) some media involve other people – I’m entitled to share the media here, but redistribution is not the case. ↩︎