I make music of different genres and have several projects:

SHRIK3 - EBM/Industrial/Dark-Electro/Synthwave

Bandcamp Link This is my general artist name. But to make things less messy, I decided to put only electronic tracks under this title.


  • Synthesized Joy (Full album, released on bandcamp)
  • Off Sync (EP single, released on
  • A Neon Dream (Synthwave EP album, not released yet)

Vom Verborgenen - Black Metal/Melodic Death/Post Black

Bandcamp Link


  • Unholy Incarnation (EP album, 3 off vocal demos)
  • Vom verborgenen (EP album, 3 songs + 1 bonus, released on bandcamp)
  • the stars were going out (EP album, released on bandcamp)

Return 0; - Melodic Death/Metalcore

This is my college band. No album released yet. Instrumental versions are available on

Experimental stuff.. Various Genres.

I also make post rock and even funky stuff. Though I don’t have a seperate title for them. All above can be found on under the name of SHRIK3