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I just realized I have so many [Work In Progress] stuffs here… Damn, I have so many ideas, so many motivations yet so little time. I easily work for 15 hours per day, in a good way though because I mostly enjoy what I’m working on.

Text to speech in (neo)vim...
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Some dirty hacks to read the vim buffer with espeak.

JS or no JS, that's a problem - towards a ZERO JS blog
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[This post is to be updated]

I’ve commissioned myself to build this blog completely without javascript: that’s simple. But how can I add “modern” features without adding “modern” javascript?

Tomato clock!
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Just a simple script that reminds you to take some rest every n minutes

Comment system on a static site without javascript???
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So I want to integrate a comment system to my blog.There are many many comment service providers like disqus. Even for a static site, you can add comment support simply by inserting a javascript snippet into the page.

But what about … zero JS?

Human as runtime
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Let’s bring “cursed” programming to a whole new level.

Cursed C - snippets from Expert C Programming
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Helpful or not, I’m taking some notes while reading the book “Expert C Programming” by Peter van der Linden.

C struct inheritence
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If you have no idea what “cursed” is, well, this is it.

set up SSH tunnel for machines behind NAT
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Quick ssh forwarding setup:

(fluff) western numbering is unfit for computer science, embrace the oriental
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This post resolves the problem “how to pronounce 0x4_2000_0000_0000_0000” once and for all.

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Free QR code generator and scanner.

Nikon F3/T via Corvid Cafe February 23, 2023

It's so pretty...

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