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Friendship ended with Packer
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I wasn’t me who abandoned the relationship!

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Prepare a VirtualBox Image for Sharing
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I prepared a virtual machine image for a course in the uni. The last stage – cleanup, is less trivial than I expected. I’ll take some notes, before I forget. This could serve as a checklist.

This is a Debian 11 guest system

[WIP] send to stdin per PID
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e.g. send to a program’s stdin via its PID.

trivial spotify script..
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I use this little script for my stream set up at live.shrik3.com

It does two things:

  • print the current song, and the most recent n songs in the terminal
  • log all the played songs to a file

Note: needs spotify-cli as dependency

Der Untergang des Wissens...
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The AI hype is worrying in a way that at the end of the day, no one will even understand the AI. I’m not saying AI is not doing well, quite the opposite, it is doing too well that human is outperformed.

When human is outperformed by the machine, human will be replaced by the machine – that’s how capitalism works. People are persuaded not starting a career in a field where human is less competent and that’s the vicious cycle. Machines will overrun the field and in the end human is excluded, because no human being has the knowledge that is built from ground up to understand what is happening. The only thing they know is that: the machine does shits for us and it works.

The cursed way to use a neovim-IDE on the CLOUD
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It was a stupid proof-of-concept attempt but it fucking works and I kinda like it.

Rust modules structure in a nutshell
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Rust module structure in a nutshell.

Notes on (neo)vim
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I have (and will have more) many notes on this blog on Vim, the post serves as all-in-one reference page.

vim tricks
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My personal cheatsheets for vim-IDE keybindings

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Sharesnip via Rosano March 6, 2023

Free QR code generator and scanner.

Nikon F3/T via Corvid Cafe February 23, 2023

It's so pretty...

2022 year review via ellugar Logs January 9, 2023


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