$ ls -l LINUX

> Quick note: Encrypted ext4
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This is a log on minimal setup of dm-crypt.

ref: Archwiki/dm-encrypt

> [LINUX] A simple kernel module
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A simple kernel module(example code in LDD).

> [LINUX] Major & Minor Numbers of device files
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Some notes on linux device files.

> [LINUX] several mount commands
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Quick Notes on Several common mount commands

> Installing Archlinux on removable media
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this is actually…a log of how i fucked up.

> [LINUX] multiple ssh operations in scripts
> Read more ... z.B. upload a file to the server using scp and call a script on the server to handle the file(in this case: call lp to print it). #!/usr/bin/sh USER="username" HOST="xx.xx.xx.xx" FILE="$*" scp $FILE $USER"@"$HOST":~/TEMP/TASK" ssh $USER"@"$HOST "lp ~/TEMP/TASK" the scripts will ask remote password twice since scp and ssh don’t share a SSH session. Of course the best solution to this is using pub key. Another solution to prevent multiple password input is to ask for password input with read -s from command line and use sshpass to provide password for scp and ssh.

> 有关UUID
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> [Arch] 一些archlinux的配置文件
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