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[12/11/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @pi me on rolling release::bugcat2:

[12/11/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @pi I stand corrected, RFC 2822 does say the year "is any numeric year 1900 or later"

[12/11/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @pi I think my pubdate is correct per RFC 2822, it's only about the range....I do have a few posts whose pubdate are intentionally set to 0001 (some are 1970), to pin some posts at the bottom of the archive..

[12/10/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @pi actually I just checked, in the absence of pubdate, a dummy year 0001 will be inserted. My guess is, the dummy date time is pre 1970, so it may turn out to be integer underflow for some datetime parsers..

[12/10/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @pi lmao that post has NO date in the front matter.. on purpose( because I was curious how that would look like on the blog)I'll add a filter in the RSS.xml template to make sure they all fields are valid. But I still think it's the RSS readers' fault not doing sanity checks ... I mean... breaking the database ??

[12/10/2023] @shrik3 ↪ if a tech blog post has a large banner image that has nothing specific to do with its content, it's not worth reading.And I highly suspect these are SEO + AI generated pasta.

[12/10/2023] @shrik3 ↪ Me: I use Linux, it sucks, but anyways :meow_shrug:

[12/10/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @d00d @rsesot 然而用的并不是毛象

[12/09/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @dailynaturalhigh 最搞笑的这活是 Poettering 加入微软之后整的

[12/09/2023] @shrik3 ↪ TIL sway doesn't support display mirroring yet (5 years) .... https://github.com/swaywm/sway/issues/1666

[12/09/2023] @shrik3 ↪ https://arstechnica.com/security/2023/12/just-about-every-windows-and-linux-device-vulnerable-to-new-logofail-firmware-attack/logofail firmware attack .

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 人问我在手机上刷什么,我说这是fediverse, 一个去中心化的社交网络:没听说过诶我:(很别扭地问), 啊… 那…那你听说过长毛象吗…:meow_hurt:

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ why the heck does gnu true even have a --version ?? (and which could return non-zero) ?

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 简直是掐准时机,高买低卖不过至少没被银行忽悠去买基金。

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 我妈理财之:在美元7.29的时候换了美元,因为看涨。

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @pi > first time seeing 8 col tab :bunpeek:That's literally the Linux kernel :blobcat_daradara:

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @no 整个1079 :neocat_devil:

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ @pi maek installpacmnapcmansuod pamcansmash keyboard.gifbtw you can make sudo insult you on wrong password input

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 一个巨大的commit ..... 5 files changed, 714 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

[12/08/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 我在学校lab呆到了现在 (凌晨 3:30),已知:- 走回家大概要40min我要不要干脆在这通宵算了 。。。 (还能看部高达)

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ I'll go for hare tbh.

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ I've never enjoyed rust.

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ pdf 版本看起来还顺眼一点,但这玩意儿有一万三千页而且都不带分卷的。想搜索一个关键字那要了命了。

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 写arm底层代码be like:我这是在搞excel表格吗??btw arm的在线文档读起来实在太痛苦了………

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ twtxt is fun https://shrik3.com/twtxt.txt

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ a quick write up on how it's done.https://shrik3.com/post/open_webring/

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ A sweet combination of @drewdevault 's openring and @neauoire 's webring (with some glue bash script to pull the webring index and parse into openring input..)

[12/07/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 想起岳麓书院有这么一个项目花一两百块钱买一壶茶,就可以坐下看编钟演奏…

[12/06/2023] @shrik3 ↪ 还有10分钟就要被图书馆赶出去了,我还在疯狂 youtube-dl .... (

[12/06/2023] @shrik3 ↪ TILhttps://encrypt.to/

[12/06/2023] @shrik3 ↪ xkcb has a yt channel?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3uk7jU3RHo