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A Static Art Gallery with Hugo
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This is not the first time, and won’t be the last time I post about JS-free, bloat-free web. In this post I’d like to share how I build a art collection site for my gf.

the site: https://gi.nseng.art

I don't want to speak to ...
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Hello html
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markdowns are great, what about writing in html?

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Instead of 16, there are only two groups of people – those who buy this shit and those tho don’t give a fuck. And the only nice thing about MBTI is that if you see someone puts such a tag in their bio, you know you should stay away.

Don’t fucking yell at me that psychometric is science. If you insist, racism and eugenics have even more solid scientific ground! Guess how those bullshit turns out?

Companies are employing these tests when hiring people. People are burning witches because they see “our people” and “their people”. You find the genocide against the Tutsi ridiculous, yet you believe “I’m a INTJ and that one is a ESTJ, there is no way we get along.”

STOP TAGGING AND DIVIDING PEOPLE, you, the MBTI believers, are the very reason why neurodivergent people are marginalized.

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It’s so fucking annoying that every new UI-related neovim plugin requires you to have some sort of glyphs installed

// DRAFT // The archtecture terminimology madness
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I’ll write about confusing naming in different architectures in sys programming.

//DRAFT// ELF: symbol table, linker script and assembly sugar
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  • define and export symbols to symbol table.
  • reserve space in either asm or linkerscript, and let others know about it.
  • how to understand readelf -s output.
  • synamic linker
  • global offset table (GOT)
  • Procedure Linkage Table (PLT)

How much Page Tables / PTEs are needed for xyz amount of memory?
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TL;DR; For m bytes virtual memory (up to 256T), you need 1 + m/2M + m/1G + m/512G pagetables on all levels, each taking 4K in space. Pagetables take roughly 1/512 proportion to virtual memory size.

The media exploits ADHD (WIP // DRAFT)
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we don’t force you to scroll the social media 4 hours a day, it’s all your choice, they say.

reflections on how ChatGPT HAS changed things
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The good, the bad, and the evil.

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Sometimes we need to migrate resources that are managed in Terraform. Terraform is a declarative language to manage cloud infrastructure from code, which allows you to reliably automate your deployments and put your infrastructure configuration under versi…

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