Fri. Downtime

Aug 6, 2020

每个周五, 不使用任何互联网设备,不回信息,不接电话。


I need a fuckin’ break.

I’m offline on every Friday, not replying msg, not taking phone call.

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Const Expression in c++

Jun 6, 2020
  • const: meaning roughly “I promise not to change this value.” This is used primarily to specify interfaces so that data can be passed to functions using pointers and references without fear of it being modified. The compiler enforces the promise made by const. The value of a const can be calculated at runtime.

  • constexpr: meaning roughly “to be evaluated at compile time.” This is used primarily to specify constants, to allow placement of data in read-only memory (where it is unlikely to be corrupted), and for performance. The value of a constexpr must be calculated by the compiler.

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