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ELF: symbol table, linker script and assembly sugar
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// DRAFT //

  • define and export symbols to symbol table.
  • reserve space in either asm or linkerscript, and let others know about it.
  • how to understand readelf -s output.
  • synamic linker
  • global offset table (GOT)
  • Procedure Linkage Table (PLT)

// WIP //

How much Page Tables / PTEs are needed for xyz amount of memory?
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TL;DR; For m bytes virtual memory (up to 256T), you need 1 + m/2M + m/1G + m/512G pagetables on all levels, each taking 4K in space. Pagetables take roughly 1/512 proportion to virtual memory size.

The media exploits ADHD (WIP // DRAFT)
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we don’t force you to scroll the social media 4 hours a day, it’s all your choice, they say.

reflections on how ChatGPT HAS changed things
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The good, the bad, and the evil.

C syntax is bad for regex
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I find myself using grep (or regex in general) more often than before and I’ve been writing code without LSPs at all. And I found an unexpected drawback of C style syntax: it’s not ergonomic to find, say the definition/declaration of a function/struct/class, using grep. The C syntax is that, you declare something in the same manner you use it. For example, you have a function: uint64 *myfunc(int n); You call the function myfunc, with parameter n, then you dereference the result with a asterisk and you will get an integer, hence the syntax (also the reason that the asterisk should attach to myfunc not uint64).

openring + webring, build a suckless web
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openring and webring are two orthogonal projects that are dedicated to build a decentralized web of independent blogs. The openring is a program written in GO that pulls RSS feeds from a list of URLs and render 3 of the newest articles into html that can be integrated into static site generators. The webring is a well maintained collection of blogs:

Chinese translations of OS terminologies (WIP)
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The meaning is distorted when terminologies are translated, even if they are translated by the literal meanings. In this post I list some translations that I think are “bad”, and hopefully some better translations. (well, unluckily for most of them I can’t think of a better one.)

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a Neon Dream
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A photo I took at Xidian University, Xian, 2019.
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Fun with Image Maps and SVGs via benji February 20, 2024

Over the past few weeks I've been playing around with making some images on my website interactive. My "informatics" class in high school taught us some basic HTML. By basic I mean in notepad and writing everything by hand, saving to a...

Goblin Week 2024 via Helvetica Blanc January 26, 2024

It snuck up on me, but I managed to draw my little goblins to celebrate the week! I love my children - they're like awful Pikmin. I've uploaded the whole parade as a print, as well as individual prints for each goblin. There's something very fu…

How to trust gpg keys via Travis Shears Personal Site October 27, 2023

After moving some GPG keys to a new computer I kept getting these trust warnings. It is NOT certain that the key belongs to the person named in the user ID.If you * really * know what you are doing, you may answer the next question with yes. Use this key a…

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