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openring + webring, build a suckless web
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openring and webring are two orthogonal projects that are dedicated to build a decentralized web of independent blogs. The openring is a program written in GO that pulls RSS feeds from a list of URLs and render 3 of the newest articles into html that can be integrated into static site generators. The webring is a well maintained collection of blogs:

Chinese translations of OS terminologies (WIP)
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The meaning is distorted when terminologies are translated, even if they are translated by the literal meanings. In this post I list some translations that I think are “bad”, and hopefully some better translations. (well, unluckily for most of them I can’t think of a better one.)

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a Neon Dream
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A photo I took at Xidian University, Xian, 2019.

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schnitzel.nvim : my neovim config
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schnitzel.nvim is the neovim config that I daily drive. Some friends asked for my dotfile, so I made a public version of it.

Binary Hacks - Dump process virtual memory
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  1. get [pid] of process
  2. get the memory mappings cat /proc/[PID]/maps
  3. identify the memory range of interest
  4. connect gdb to pid and dump memory:

Tile Split Tile Split Tile (rants)
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I love tilling window managers,it split my display in halves.
I love tmux, it splits my terminal in halves
and I love vim, it splits my workspace in halves

End the holy war between space and tab indentation...
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Indentation not Tabulation People(I) make mistakes often because they mixing the idea of indentation and tabulation.

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Sharesnip via Rosano March 6, 2023

Free QR code generator and scanner.

Nikon F3/T via Corvid Cafe February 23, 2023

It's so pretty...

2022 year review via ellugar Logs January 9, 2023


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