The media exploits ADHD (WIP // DRAFT)

we don’t force you to scroll the social media 4 hours a day, it’s all your choice, they say.

But perhaps ask yourself the question: is it ethical to manipulate a mentally vulnerable person to trigger them into activities that profit you? What about manipulating people with Alzheimer or Schizophrenia? If such is considered unethical, what gives that people say to a ADHD person “no one force you to submerse yourself in the social media, you choose so!”.

Tech companies study psychology to make their products addictive. And they purposefully exploit ADHD, a trait that one easily gets distracted by fragmented informations – just like how food industry, like Lays and Coca Cola performing full-fledged science researches to get people addicted.

Addiction is money, it’s all drug business. If you think addition is a self-imposed misery, you are saying that dealers are legit because it’s people’s own choice to do cocaine.

Our minds are vulnerable, and we are rightfully so. We desire sweet, oily, salty food, high-calorie because it’s coined in our genetics, a survival strategy that still holds among the non-privileged people. We worship celebrities and gossip about other people’s life because our brain evolves so as social animals….. [WIP: reference to studies]

No, it’s not people’s own choice when their mental traits are exploited. It’s
not people’s own choice when there are no options to chose from.

this is not my cynical conspiracy theory, this IS HAPPENING.

They inflict the disease, then monitize the placebo.

edited 10.03.2024
created 15.01.2024
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