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Linux kernel code reading
A Static Art Gallery with Hugo

This is not the first time, and won’t be the last time I post about JS-free, bloat-free web. In this post I’d like to share how I build a art collection site for my gf.

Hello html

It’s so fucking annoying that every new UI-related neovim plugin requires you to have some sort of glyphs installed

// DRAFT // The archtecture terminimology madness

I’ll write about confusing naming in different architectures in sys programming.

// DRAFT // ELF: symbol table, linker script and assembly sugar

This is work in progress

How much Page Tables / PTEs are needed for xyz amount of memory?

TL;DR; For m bytes virtual memory (up to 256T), you need 1 + m/2M + m/1G + m/512G pagetables on all levels, each taking 4K in space. Pagetables take roughly 1/512 proportion to virtual memory size.

The media exploits ADHD (WIP // DRAFT)

we don’t force you to scroll the social media 4 hours a day, it’s all your choice, they say.

reflections on how ChatGPT HAS changed things

The good, the bad, and the evil.

C syntax is bad for regex

Because it’s hard to grep what I want …

openring + webring, build a suckless web

openring and webring are two orthogonal projects that are dedicated to build a decentralized web of independent blogs. The openring is a program written in GO that pulls RSS feeds from a list of URLs and render 3 of the newest articles into html that can be integrated into static site generators. The webring is a well maintained collection of blogs:

Chinese translations of OS terminologies (WIP)

The meaning is distorted when terminologies are translated, even if they are translated by the literal meanings. In this post I list some translations that I think are “bad”, and hopefully some better translations. (well, unluckily for most of them I can’t think of a better one.)

schnitzel.nvim : my neovim config

schnitzel.nvim is the neovim config that I daily drive. Some friends asked for my dotfile, so I made a public version of it.

Binary Hacks - Dump process virtual memory
  1. get [pid] of process
  2. get the memory mappings cat /proc/[PID]/maps
  3. identify the memory range of interest
  4. connect gdb to pid and dump memory:
Tile Split Tile Split Tile (rants)

I love tilling window managers,it split my display in halves.
I love tmux, it splits my terminal in halves
and I love vim, it splits my workspace in halves

End the holy war between space and tab indentation...

Indentation not Tabulation People(I) make mistakes often because they mixing the idea of indentation and tabulation.

Text to speech in (neo)vim...

Some dirty hacks to read the vim buffer with espeak.

JS or no JS, that's a problem - towards a ZERO JS blog

[This post is to be updated]

I’ve commissioned myself to build this blog completely without javascript: that’s simple. But how can I add “modern” features without adding “modern” javascript?

Tomato clock!

Just a simple script that reminds you to take some rest every n minutes

Comment system on a static site without javascript???

So I want to integrate a comment system to my blog.There are many many comment service providers like disqus. Even for a static site, you can add comment support simply by inserting a javascript snippet into the page.

But what about … zero JS?

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