If you see this page you shouldn’t.

It’s like git, a directory can not be tracked without a file in it. This page exists so that the “section” https://shrik3.com/all-posts/ exists.

In hugo, you can’t create a page without any post(that is, *.md) related to it.

You many have noticed that the all-post section lists all pages in this blog and has a different layout. The way I do it is:

  1. create a section with a placeholder (non-draft) page:
$ hugo new all-posts/_1.md
  1. create a layout for all-posts like this…

{{ range .Site.RegularPages.GroupByDate "2006" }}
      <h3>$ ls -l | grep {{ .Key }}</h3></td>
      {{ range .Pages }}
      {{ .Render "li"}}
      {{ end }}
{{ end }}
Jan 1, 1970

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