Just Random

What’s the purpose?

I don’t know why I’m writing this, I don’t know why I’m writing in English. This has no purpose, and if you are reading this I’m pretty sure you are wasting several minutes of your life.

Tomorrow there will be officially the last event in my colledge life —- I hope so ‘cause it means everything goes well. Honestly I won’t miss any of this.

I made friends or enemies with tons of people in these 4 years,80% of witch I have met for the last time in life. People get emotional when they are about to end some certain stages of their lives.. But what’s the point of this? I mean, the whole thing is stupidly meaningless.

Perhaps something is dead wrong with me, I’m getting sick and tired of dealing with information – as I wrote on the homepage, and as well, of dealing with people, of social relationships, of the roles I have been playing, of communication, of all of this.

It’s nothing but a masque

We are all in a play. Somehow we have become something defined by our social connections. Attention becoming an addiction, you act so hard so that people may like you —- the act is everywhere, from wechat moments to weibo and facebook. Wherever people see you, becomes your stage. And you live a clown to win applause. Make up, fancy clothing, pop music, expensive brands, thousands of likes and following on social media, yeah is so fuckin’ cool, you think. Coolest people line up to buy the newest air jordan and apple products. Stupid girls of stupidly stupid stupidity ask on Zhihu “Why Chinese young men have so bad a taste”. In their eyes pragmastism is retard, and they think the are the children of 21 century.

It’s kinda funny, people label themselves and others so that there will be friends and enemies they can stand with and against. People gave lives so called meaning so that they may get themselves “inspired”.

Meanwhile mainstream guys never like serious art ‘cause they never want to put their minds in learning and understanding —- and that’s why Apple found its way in the market —- it’s stupidly easy to play around with its products. Not to mention that it’s a symbol of fashion.


High tech, low life,TRUE life has become a luxury. Being a programmer myself,quite the opposite I hate modern high tech. By this I don’t mean I’m against technological or social progress. It’s the approach that I hate. IT NEVER INTENTS TO SERVE HUMANITY, IT ONLY SERVES THE CAPITAL, THE PEOPLE OF POWER.

And … It’s like 5:00 a.m. now, I’m sooo sleepy not.. Maybe I can write more of this but that’s it. I guess I’m out of my fucking mind writing this. You are out of your mind reading this too.

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