Reflections on the isomorph album (cn+en)

A society that indoctrinates “this is the best”, “you need this”, “this is beautiful” is morbid. And you(I) want to fight it.

Isn’t it simple to fight the Value? A punk chooses chose to refuse consumerism, to enjoy their life, and not to have kids, but they pays other people to get his tattoo done, they wears “deviant looking” clothings that come from slavery factory in Asia, they decorates their leathers with rivet that are mess produced, they buy makeups, dyes, CDs, porns … consumer goods! Isn’t it hypocrite to fight the Value while using actively or unknowingly involved in consumerism? Can they fight the society like this? Is they a true punk? And what’s a punk in the first place? Is it true punk to flip middle finger at everything the society has to offer and live a primitive life in the forest?

And the tools we use to create ART. Pro tools, sound interfaces, instruments, paints …… they all come from a industry that alienate people.

I make Industrial music to render the fears that Industrialization brings forth – with a Macbook Pro, using Logic Pro X. Isn’t that funny? Can I make music without these? Perhaps with a multi-track cassette recorder? or with analogue synths? But aren’t they products as well?

So I’m confused. I’m fighting something while being part of it, is this meaningful at all?



甚至于我们创造艺术的工具,pro tools,声卡,乐器,画材,都来自同样一个异化人类的工业/消费社会。我以“人的异化”为主题写歌,用的却是消费主义的代表–苹果的电脑,甚至可以说,如果没有苹果提供的软硬件支持,我可能都无法完成一样像样的创作。即便摒弃苹果又能怎样?多轨磁带录音机?模拟电路合成器?但这不也是上世纪消费主义的产物吗?


Jun 14, 2021

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