My music projects - overview and listens

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中文版/CN VER

die Todgeweihten - EBM/Industrial/Dark-Electro/Synthwave

Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant!

Bandcamp Link


  • die Todgeweihten (demos 2020)
  • Synthesized Joy (Full album, released on bandcamp)
  • Isomorph (Full album, disk/digital release on bandcamp, production by Dying Art.)

also appeared on Russian Dark Community’s Dark Virus X-MAS

Normandy 2183 - Synthwave, Industrial, Synthpop

Bandcamp Link

This is my Synthwave project. The name is a tribute to the Mass Effect.


  • Normandy 2183 Demos (Released on BC)
  • A Neon Dream (not released yet, Coming out in 2021)

Vom Verborgenen - Black Metal/Melodic Death/Post Black

Bandcamp Link


  • Unholy Incarnation (EP album, 3 off vocal demos)
  • Vom verborgenen (EP album, 3 songs + 1 bonus, released on bandcamp)
  • the stars were going out (EP album, released on bandcamp)

Return 0; - Melodic Death/Metalcore

This is my college band. Return 0; is no longer since our graduation. An album of two songs is available on

Experimental stuff.. Various Genres.

I also make post rock and even funky stuff. Though I don’t have a seperate title for them. All above can be found on under the name of SHRIK3