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Note: 虾米倒下了,以后有时间再慢慢转移国内平台

die Todgeweihten - EBM/电子工业/黑电/合成器浪潮

Bandcamp Link aka.SHRIK3


  • die Todgeweihten (demos 2020)
  • Synthesized Joy (全长)
  • Isomorph (全长, 数字+实体)
  • 参与Dark Virus X-MAS

Dying Art 厂牌专访

Vom Verborgenen - 黑金属/后黑/旋律死亡金属/回潮敲击

Bandcamp Link


  • Unholy Incarnation (EP, 三首无人声demo)
  • Vom verborgenen (专辑,三首 + 1 CD Bonus)
  • the stars were going out (单曲EP)
  • where is my silence (单曲EP)

Normandy 2183 - 合成器浪潮/outrun

Bandcamp Link


  • Normandy 2183 Demos (Released on BC)
  • A Neon Dream (not released yet, Coming out in 2021)

Return 0; - 旋律死亡金属

Return 0; 是我的大学校园乐队。自毕业以后该乐队已经解散。 两首原创可以在虾米听到。



Jun 7, 2020

Fun with Image Maps and SVGs via benji February 20, 2024

Over the past few weeks I've been playing around with making some images on my website interactive. My "informatics" class in high school taught us some basic HTML. By basic I mean in notepad and writing everything by hand, saving to a...

Goblin Week 2024 via Helvetica Blanc January 26, 2024

It snuck up on me, but I managed to draw my little goblins to celebrate the week! I love my children - they're like awful Pikmin. I've uploaded the whole parade as a print, as well as individual prints for each goblin. There's something very fu…

How to trust gpg keys via Travis Shears Personal Site October 27, 2023

After moving some GPG keys to a new computer I kept getting these trust warnings. It is NOT certain that the key belongs to the person named in the user ID.If you * really * know what you are doing, you may answer the next question with yes. Use this key a…

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