now on fediverse(pleroma)! is now a fediverse instance.

TBH, all kinds of social networks can fall into a shithole, that’s because people are people, and people love shitholes. The rule is, as long as there are human communities, there will be toxicity, hate and trolls. Social networks in general, is not something you should love or get addicted to. It is your backyard,you hang out, or simply dump shits there, you don’t (and shouldn’t) live there!

Anyways, we can’t get rid of social networking entirely, but we need a better option than facebook and twitter —- and there is one: Fediverse!

Fediverse is cool AF! Open source and decentralized, it gives you the vanilla social networking back. The collective data of the communities is no longer held by monolithic companies like google, facebook or twitter. There is no more ads, and most importantly, no more big brother watching over you. You are no longer put into a information cocoons by recommendation algorithms(unless you weave your cocoon on your own).

Mastodon is a well known fediverse platform software, but I don’t want to install that on my server. Reason is simple: I hate dealing with thousands of node packages, I hate npm, and I hate javascript. (I’m not saying JS is bad, I just hate it, it’s my own point of view)

Pleroma is the option for me. It’s libre and open source, well documented and well implemented. Although I have zero knowledge of erlang or elixer vm, the config itself is quite intuitive.

But for one thing, just one thing. When I first installed it on the server, the cross-site function is broken, and after an hour of troubleshooting, I figured out you have to use the develop branch of the source code, for all functions to work. I mean, seriously, DEVELOP BRANCH????


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