My thoughts on creating the album “Isomorph”

The word isomorphism is derived from the Ancient Greek: ἴσος isos “equal”, and μορφή morphe “form” or “shape”.

This album is all about machine. Not because I adore it. In the contrary, I fear it, and I hate it.

The greatest machine we ever built, is what we call the society, in which we have no identities, that’s why we create the labels:
the rich, the kind, the wicked, the libre, the patriot, the Abeitklasse, the capitalist, the elite, the political-correct, the minor group, the whatever you name it. These are not what we are born with, they are social constructs, created in order to keep the machine running.
However we, the nature-chosen social animals, are programmed in the very genes to maintain the construct. While you are a part of the machine, the machine is a part of you.

we live in a world, in which everything doesn’t fuckin’ work.
we built it and we destroyed it.
we obey the power that will not protect us
we pray for tomorrow that will never come
we gave birth to the machine that enslave us
the incarnation of the unholy god
(es funktioniert nicht)

However, whatever I do, is to some extent, hypocrite

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