bits 0x30 - Calender Week 48, 2023

I’ve been pretty low this week, not much logged here.

Good Reads

Making a font by Rek Bell
Now I’m tempted to make mine.

Designing a SIMD Algorithm from Scratch by Miguel Young


RTL (Register Transfer Language) - The one last(?) step to take to understand linux’s low-level source code.

Linux Filesystem (WIP)

There are two subsystems that I don’t want to dive into, namely the filesystem and the network stack, I thought they were “prone to brain demage” because of the preceived complexity.

Now it has come to the point where I have to include some basic OS level FS knowledge into my kit.

Last week I roughly read a great article Anatomy of the Linux file system by M. Tim Jones to refresh my knowledge.


LLC 2023 - Rust: Abstraction and Productivity, by Linus Walleij

Nov 26, 2023

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