bits 0x47 - Calender Week 13, 2024

> What programmers are they????

I saw some videos popping up on my youtube front page from “software engineers” or so… And out of interest I clicked into their channel. There are A LOT of videos and many of them are popular. But it feels… weird. Take these titles:

  • How I became a software engineer
  • Programmer’s desk setup
  • What keyboard should a programmer use
  • How to start coding
  • Tech interview tipps
  • How to stay motivated …
  • A day of a software engineer.

And … They NEVER talk about anything technical. I mean, literally, they don’t talk about any technical topic in programming, they don’t show a single line of code – they never talk about programming itself.

So I have two questions:

  • what are they?
  • what’s the fan base of these people?

Smoke and mirrors

The phrase “smoke and mirrors” has entered common English use to refer to any proposal that, when examined closely, proves to be an illusion. The earliest known use of the idiom came from the biography How the Good Guys Finally Won: Notes from an Impeachment Summer, published in 1975. It was written by American political journalist James Breslin, who accounted the Watergate political scandal in Washington first-hand. Breslin described politics as the theatrical use of “mirrors and blue smoke” to make people see what they wish to see.

why not matrix

Oppenheimer / Interstellar / Nolan
This is a rather unpopupar opinion.

I hate the soundtracks. Let me put it this way: 3 hours of “epic” is not epic, it’s spam. The Oppenheimer soundtracks are spamming Arpeggio on strings with 200% reverb. As a die hard extreme metal fan, I had Tinnitus sitting in the cinema. “Anxiety and unease, that’s what Nolan wants the audience to feel” – that pretty much the same as spamming jump scares for a “good horror”. Music taste is a very subjective thing. For me, the movie soundtracks are torture.

Good Reads

Flipping Pages: An analysis of a new Linux vulnerability in nf_tables and hardened exploitation techniques




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created 24.03.2024
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