bits 0x37 - Calender Week 03, 2024

Ok ok, get myself back on track.


(This is just ranting, I don’t hold accountability for whatever I claim. The actual references are concealed)

I really hate the {some programming manuals}: the formatting is chaotic and sometimes the text is confusing at best, plain WRONG at worst.

the {some programming manual} is {>10k} fucking pages and there is no split version of it, unlike {another programming manual} who provides per-volume besides split version alongside the all-in-one version.

In their {>10k} pages manual the text is sparse as atoms in the space; The text manages to be verbose yet missing key informations – sometimes you need to read between the lines; Typos are spotted here and there; The web version disgree with the PDF version (when they are supposed to be exactly the same thing).

ffs, if you ever care about it, as a company who haves {some billion} USD revenue, pay some specilists to edit your manual – don’t just let your HW and SW developers squish their notes into a gigantic document and call it a day.

If anything good: the content table is in details and very informative. Which means I don’t have to do a full text search for a keyword (imagine searching one word from {>10k} pages), instead I can search the index and jump right to what I need.

Good Reads

Faster Shell Startup With Shell Switching by Laurence Tratt


PID: Proportional–integral–derivative control

How to Design an ISA

“Constructors Are Broken” – rust vs. c++ constructors



Bioinformatics related discussions:

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