bits 0x48 - Calender Week 14, 2024

> Why I like writing low level code (a selfish take):
because I don’t need to wrap my head around other people’s shitty inconsistent broken ABIs. Instead I write my own broken ABIs and let it be other people’s problem. (Well still, I need to read the shitty HW documentations…But the HW vendors would have more motivations to write better documentations to sell their products to OEMs.)

The X-Y Problem

The XY problem is asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem. This leads to enormous amounts of wasted time and energy, both on the part of people asking for help, and on the part of those providing help.


IBM Model M, while I really want one, I can’t use it. It’s a necessity for tilling window manager to have a Modifier key, which should be 1) easily accessible on the keyboard and 2) has to practical usage so setting it to a dedicated WM modifier won’t hinder other software. And you guessed it, we are talking about the Win key. That’s a perfect useless key to be given the righteous purpose.

The same goes for vim: I use the Esc more frequently than any modifier key. I swapped the CapsLock with Esc and my whole muscle memory is built on top of it. Some keyboard manufactures(like HHKB) realizes that the CapsLock key is a waste of space so they move it elsewhere.

In other words, all keyboard layouts are terrible. Some are so terrible that you can repurpose some keys for the better. WE NEED MORE BLANK KEYS! .. I think the idea of thumb cluster may be a good idea: the space bar doesn’t need to be this big and we can savage a lot of space from it to add more keys..


How I program C by Eskil Steenberg. A 2 hours long video on C programming. Maybe I’ll save it for later .. This guy, uses .c files as slides. What a champ.



Dead Internet Theory, The Internet Is Empty via Pseudiom

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